Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Angry American

I know this guy. He is a cliché. But this is the guy that everybody in the world sees.
He blames China or Korea or Mexico for the problems caused by his own government.

But, he'll end up working as a greeter at Wally-World.

The Angry American

White number three
Back window of his SUV

Power of Pride
Two sticker for ev-er-ree side
And he tears up that freeway
Flying finger in the wind
Ahh, the wonderful world
Of the Angry American

Feel sorry for me, he say
He used to work in that factory
Now the job is Chinese,
And they’re tearing it down
That’s just half the good news
Things are bound to improve
Now Wal-Mort's movin’ in
On that Semi-hallowed ground

And his half-brother's in line
For a "greeter" job, now
We're fallin' further and faster
Hey, ain't the Founders proud?
A history of ignorance

That cannot be feigned
The presumed to be Empire
Slides down the food chain

And we shall be known by our stickers
By the red, white, and blue
'cause it shows --
Oh, it shows… you
Emotions get stirred
And it never occurs
Through all the talking points and spin
That we recognize just where we been

And the deadliest of deadly sins
Somehow, it never goes out of fashion

(Repeat 1st verse.)

Feel sorry for me, he say
Feel sorry for me, he say
Feel sorry for me, he say
Feel sorry...

For me

© D. Dain, 2007.

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