Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Demographic Blues

Hummm, lessee. This is for Fred Eaglesmith, Chris Knight, Tommy Womack, Todd Snider, etc.... Just about every "alt-country" player out there.

The Demographic Blues

Here's a song for you; it’s the Demographic Blues
Oh, a song for you, the Demographic Blues
Keep your head on loose and your buzz on straight
No hesitation
Oh, the Demographic Blues

He's a not-so-angry, not-so-young white male
Oh, not-so-angry, not-so-young white male
Got no discretion and no income
And no hesitation
Not-so-angry, not-so-young white male

No self-starters, got no careers in sales
Oh no self-starter, no career in sales
He got two pair a shoe and three pair a pant
An' a 12-pack left after Uncle Sam
Not-so-angry, not-so-young white males

Now, my demographic, it don't look like yours
My demographic, it don't look like yours
Yours has potential and stayin' power
Mine blows his wad on some passed-out-drunk chick's whiskey souuurrrrr....
My demographic sure don't look like yours

(Optional bridge)
Now, I’m shakin’ in my ratty blue suede public radio shoes
When I think about just who listens to who
My cohort segment scares me
I got a case a demographic envy
I take my market research way too far

Spendin' all my time down at the bar


My demographic's tryin' to make bail
If he's not right now, he'll soon be sittin' in county jail
He's got one phone call and a bidness card
Two Tylenol, one match and he's been barred
And the smart money says nobody's pickin' up

Oh, those not-so-angry, not-so-young white males
Those not-so-angry, not-so-young white males
Got no discretion and no income
Choosin’ just desserts in lieu of fun
Those not-so-angry not-so-young white males

(repeat 1st verse)

© D. Dain, 2007.

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