Tuesday, February 27, 2007

She's Got My Heart

This might be the worst song I have ever written. But it is pretty catchy.

She’s Got My Heart

She’s got my heart
And everything that matters to me
She’s got my heart,
My credit card, and my brand new car

You know, I never go for the easy rhyme
Just to prove it, I’ll take us back in… time

When she had my heart
And every thing that mattered to me
She had my heart,
My big ol’ house and my good ol’ dog

Yeah, you can tell where it’s goin’ from here
So relax, sit back and pop another beer

‘cause she’s got my grill
My brand-spankin’ new two burner grill
She’s got my grill,
But the propane tank is empty

What she’ll do, nobody knows
I suppose she’ll make a real quick trip to Lowe’s
But she made that trip for nothin’….

'cause I’ve got the final laugh
My credit card is a-finally maxed
And she’s got the final tear
‘cause my poor heart is broken

© D. Dain, 2007.

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