Thursday, March 01, 2007

Powerlines and Pogo

I'm adding this in deference to my buddy Karl Conrad, AKA "Harmless". When we played regularly, this was one of our first originals. I got the idea while driving home on route 33, chased by a storm and looking at the powerlines crossing the road and marching off into the distance. This was possibly influenced, at least in my first thoughts, by CS Lewis' description of "Norns" in "Out of the Silent Planet".

Power Lines and Pogo

Giant stick men walkin’
They carry lightning in their hands
They proceed in single minded files
All across the land

They fence out the horizons
Defile them where they can
They carry lifelines of destruction
That only awful change demands
And only fear can understand
That we have met the enemy

There is sickness in the sunlight
There is sickness in the air
All around and underground
Sickness everywhere

We drink it in our water
It falls upon our heads
It creeps up from behind us
To catch us in our beds
Is there something more to dread?
Got to be something more….

And we have met the enemy
Yes, we have met the enemy
Oh, we have met the enemy

© D. Dain, 1995.

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