Friday, February 09, 2007


Years later, we still get requests for this one. True story, and I would post the chords, except that only Bruce knows them.

Don’t Take Your Gun to Covington

Well, won’t you sit an’ listen, buddy
I got a tale that I can tell
Some advice at a real nice price
I got nothing lef’ta sell
Oh the weekend come with plans for fun
Hear some music, ‘cause I’m a fan
And if you had seen me way back when
You’d say, “There goes a happy man”

Well, I headed toward the border
Down that interstate
Thru Cincy into Newport
Ahh, to that Southgate place
Well, I never saw it comin’
Or I would’a stayed away
The cops down there have got a thing
For white Toyotas with Ohio plates

Now, don’t you take your gun down to Covington
‘cause you’ll end up in jail
And if you do, you better make real sure
Somebody gonna go your bail

Well, there’s not a whole lot happenin’
Sittin’ in a holding cell
I got cigarettes and rationed matches
Steel benches, cold as hell
Warm milk on my Cheerios
Liver for my lunch
While over in the corner
Another Kentucky drunk up…. well, you know

My brother come to get me
‘cause he’s a real nice guy
I never was so glad to see him
And the freedom he could buy (Refrain)

Now, there’s a phone over in the corner, guys
Why don’t you line up and make your calls
An’ if ain’t nobody gonna come and git you
You might be here ‘til Moooonday Mornin’ (Refrain)

(Talking it)
My lawyer say he can git me outta this
But I ain’t countin’ on nothin’ (Refrain + Refrain)

© D. Dain, 1998.

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