Friday, September 16, 2011

The Funeral Plan...

The Funeral Plan

Here’s the deal:
I get to be right just one more time
So dispense with the speechery

There's nothing you can say
John Prine hasn't said better
Cut to the chase,
Crank it up and play them:
The Twenty-two Songs That You Can’t Live Without
The order is important

And you people listen
While I drive the old jeep to the end of the road
I can smoke now. Flick the ashes out the window
There’s a half-bottle of bourbon under the seat
A cooler of good beer behind it
And if death is just a part of life
Then life is good

Just listen. I swear, just one more…
Oh, I forgot about this one
Who's driving?
Don't talk over the music
I'll make it loud enough
That you can't think of anything else
What else is there?
Gritty lyrics
In a back-country, four corner's bar
Up Jacob's Ladder, riding a simple melody
Down some full moon graveled track
That runs the ridge until it seems
To jump in between two rows of trees
And off into space

So listen
Then take them out there with you
When you go
Len - you remember the promise
Born To Live On Sugar Mountain

On the acoustic
In the parking lot
Sing it 'til I'm out of sight

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TwiFun said...

you are very talented. I am interested in music/songwriting myself and see the beauty of your writing. If you have not already, then you need to put your talent to use. I like your realistic writing style.