Saturday, July 15, 2006

Western Blvd.

Western Blvd.

It happened down on Western Blvd.
The cobblestones, the broken bottles, broken cars and hearts
Too little sleep and too much drink
Combined to leave no room to think
But we think we think we know....

Four in the morning and a date with destiny
He left that light so late that he was way too early
It was a shiny red Impala, and the sight is with me still
He flew right through that windshield and was impaled upon the grill

And we think we think we know
Think we’ll hear the footsteps
Think we’ll know it’s time to go
We think we think we know

Well, his mom was from Missouri, so he had the attitude
She left him in Ohio, and he had oh so much to prove
Never was the pretty boy, had to fight to hold his own
Desperate blood was in his eye and he left it on the chrome


Most of us get everything we need when we are born
We start out healthy, big, and strong, and still manage to ignore
Don’t take what’s freely given and try to make it any more
And I'm thinkin' we're all so surprised when the Mover slams the door

Dried blood is so much darker than bright cherry paint
And it stains the cobblestone
Here's hopin' he's still on his game
And that he finally made it home

(Chorus + chorus)

It happened down on Western Blvd.

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