Thursday, May 04, 2006

New Band Name List....

New Band Names

Prompted by Andy Whitman's Blog "Razing the Bar", here are a few possibilities:

"Bump and The Skin Tags"

"The Preemptive Balls"

"Over the Little Hocking" (Obscure covers of already obscure "Over The Rhine" songs)

"70% Off"

"Red-Neck Pickup Truck Drivers On Meth"

"The NASCAR Sticker Bunch" (Logo: obviously a t-shirt with large #3 and the statement "Dale died for your party!")

"The Meth Lab" (Logo: pic from rear of 1975 Plymouth Fury with trunk open)

"Call Me Idiot" (Logo: hillbilly riding pig, complete with straw hat and sporting a pitchfork)

"The Additives"

“Walt Mort and The Greeters”

"The Wife-Beaters"

"Cult of Mediocrity"

"Cult Kool-Aid"

"The Phish Sticks" (condensed versions of jam-band songs)

"The Bris Doctors" (Hasidic speed metal versions of klezmer classics)

"Mile High Collagen Blow-Out" (any number of visuals here)

"The Old Lady's Workin' Agin" (actual quote from guy at bar)


jackscrow said...

Some more names that may or may not make the cut:

"U Git Off My Man" (another actual quote from girl at bar)

"The 4-Skins" (drum circle band name)

"Botched Bris"

"Cry For Help" (be surprised if this one isn't already taken)

"Wonderbread and The Day-Olds"

"Moby Sucks Dick" (ok -- little too easy)

jackscrow said...

"Timmy's In The Well"

An actual (sort of) all-girl band from Newfoundland.