Thursday, April 13, 2006

"When the Lilacs bloom the Stripers run...."

Here's a little song for spring.

Wrote this one several years ago after listening to
an NPR interview of a Canadian fisherman, and
the first line of the song is a direct quote from the
old guy.

Still play it at art shows, the occasional folk club gig,
in elevators, and at carwashes and Friday afternoon VFW fish fry's.

The saying also works as an indicator for mushroom time,
if you're in southeast Ohio.

Life Goes On

Oh, when the lilacs bloom, that's when the stripers run
And I hear the river callin' me to come and join the fun
Down that short slide into summer
We are the lucky ones

And Life goes on, we take what we are given
'cause this is Life and this is Love that we are livin'
And Life goes on....

Ah, when I cast my line, I don't expect too much
A simple word, a little fun, and a gentle, lovin' touch
I never knew what Time can do
Until I spent some Love on you....

(Repeat 2nd verse and chorus)

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